Coastline Stories

Exhibitions in Old Market House, Dungarvan in September
Date: 08 Sep 2014.  
The Old Market House Arts Centre, Lower Main Street, Dungarvan is currently showing ‘Coastline Stories’ by Co. Waterford Seaside Artist in Residence Annabel Konig. This project funded by the Arts Office has been a year long exploration of the coastal towns and their surroundings in County Waterford. Concentrating in particular on the changes which occur annually  from September to May, in the off-season.  The project consists of photographs, drawings, found objects and stories. Killea Boys National School, Dunmore East availed of a schools residency during the project.

Artist’s statement: “Coastline Stories’ has been a year-long exploration of the coastal towns and their surroundings in County Waterford. The project has given me an entry point into the lives and landscapes that border the sea.

I have met with extraordinary people and I have spent time walking on wild, winter beaches; documenting, interacting and absorbing the changes that occur here annually, from September to May, in the off-season. My initial interest and research into coastal towns has developed and grown into a considerable body of work. “Coastline Stories – County Waterford”, has become a starting point rather than a one off project.

Through the various media I have used, the themes I have discovered and engaged with, as well as the practices and processes I have undertaken, this year, has enriched and defined my understanding of the area and its people.

By focusing on a specific element within each of the villages and finding out what activities take place only in these off-season months, I have assembled stories, photographs and drawings as well as a collection of found objects that relate to each specific place as well as being a thread that connects these coastal areas together.

Coastline Stories”- County Waterford is the title of this current body of work. My aspiration is that this will be an ongoing exploration of the communities and landscapes that border the coastlines where ever that coast that may be.

1. Coastline Stories

Coastline Stories (see here the preview for the book for sale)

Being a seaside resort town,Tramore is a place with seasonal workers. Facilitating the summer visitors, the population of this town, like any other seaside town, ebbs and flows during the year. However, on the beach you will meet those people whose homes and lives are anchored in this town. Many of the ‘locals’ come from all corners of the world and the one thing that connects them on this beach are their dogs. Big, small, old, young, pedigree and cross breads, the dash of hounds that chase sticks and balls all mix sociably as their owners catch up on their small talk. The dogs and their walkers are a sociable group, obliging me by standing for a photograph.

golden labcatch2 smiling ladies and their ownersshow poddle

One of the questions I asked everyone I met was; “When it is quiet, where do you go to find some time for yourself; “what is your ‘place’?”

Billy the Butcher – Rathmoylan Cove.

1. Billy the Butcher, Rathmoylan cove.

Harry McGloughlin –  Harbour Master office.

3. Harry McGloughlin, Harbour Master, Harbour Master Office.

I don’t think it is possible to go to the beach and not come home with something. Bringing back a found object is something that comes naturally. It may be an organic object, something washed up, or a forgotten item. Each object has a history attached to it, a thing with a story.

There are stones, worn smooth, from distant coasts that fit perfectly into the my palm of my hand. I have found single shoes, bits of rope, baggage, abandoned toys and a box full of softened wood, rounded and now out of context.

There is a specific visual beauty and tactility to coastline found objects.

Left Luggage

2. beachcomestones 2



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