Community Garden – Rathanna

One thing often leads to another.  When we had our get-together for ‘Memory Map‘ in February: ‘It’s the little things that matter – sustainability, biodiversity’, talk turned to the Community Garden here in Rathanna.

This garden had been established last year but many of us had no idea as it was hidden behind the village hall.  Those who are involved with the garden asked for volunteers and I am always happy to help grow food.  The four large grow beds will now be placed at the front of the hall and we will be sowing seeds and small, propagated plants in there soon.  The committee has also decided that we should buy two apple trees (an Elstar and a Braeburn) as well as a Victoria Plum.  An almond tree will also be put at the edge of the carpark, replacing a tree that has died.

Today being the 23ed of March and the weather warm enough to finally take off my hat, I decided it was a good time to get some plants in.  In Rathanna village I found that others had had the same idea. There were people weeding every bed everywhere and it’s great to see young children lending a hand too. Every available bed is now weed free (keeping all those weeds that help with biodiversity) and planted with insect, especially bee, friendly plants of hope.

At the edge of the car park there are some beds with existing roses and shrubs which have now been added to with lilies, Montbretia (original bulbs from West Cork), Anemones of the white variety and Ajuga for ground coverer. All going well this will look amazing as a plant combination come the late summer.

The existing roses in the second car park bed have new companions with culinary and biodiverse properties: Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.  A little food for eating and the roses for a sensory feast.

rosemary, Sage n Thyme

Meanwhile in my polly tunnel has been cleaned and the small flower and vegetable seeds are doing their thing.  I started late as it felt still so cold but now I can see the changes on a daily bases.  The waiting was worth it.

More to follow….clean tunnel 3.19

21st April.  Things have moved on a in the garden.  The primroses are out in full force. Many have self seeded in abundance and with amazing colour variations. primrosesThe seeds in the poly-tunnel are now small plants and waiting for their raised beds to be ready in the Community Garden. The garden has four grow beds, so the rotation will be easy to remember.


The vegetable and flower seeds come from our own saved seeds and the Brown Enveloppe seeds company in West Cork (we like to support small organic businesses).

‘Douce petit pois’ and Sunflowers (own seed and I can’t remember the variety).


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