Farm – a village project.

Mick Heffernan

‘Mick Heffernan – Rathanna’

‘Farm – A village portrait’ is an ongoing socially engaged project that I am exploring though photography, drawing and conversations.

Over the past few years I have been documenting the way in which the farmers, and thus, my community, use the natural elements on their farms as well as how they put their personal stamp on their daily practice. Farmers are in direct touch with the land that feeds us. Their easy approach to caring for and cultivating their farms is as individual as they are. It is this directness, inventiveness and understanding that appeal to me.

Using hand skills and passed down knowledge, the farmers develop, repair and cultivate their land and animals. I am looking at the art of running a farm in an intelligent, clever and practical manner as well as honouring the men and women that spend their days producing food, which we so unconsciously consume.

Driving from one place to another I see the rewards that farmers get for their work.  It’s only part of the job, but it’s a sight full of satisfaction and beauty.  I have started taking trips back to places where I see these promising fields, husbanded with knowledge and hours of preparation come to fruition.



shorn sheep in lush field, Rathanna. june 2017

below: ‘Farming  Wallpaper’. graphite on paper.

Farming scene wallpaper

Matt's field

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