Ice to Water, Water to Words

“Ice to Water, Water to Words” is the project name for four, individual installations which use the media of sculpture, sound, lighting and video.
In 1992, Annabel Konig and Donal Hurley initially collaborated to produce ‘Suspended Sentence’, a work made in reaction to the X case and other similar cases occurring in the country that were highlighted by the press. From there a working relationship developed and Hurley collaborated with Konig to make sound tracks for all the room installations of this show.Through the use of both the aural and the visual, the artists aim to attract all the senses in our increasingly media saturated lives.  The work aims to illustrate the individual. Our emotions, hidden feelings, dark secrets and our capacity for a wide range of moods, expressions and reactions. In the preparation of the music, many sounds were created using materials found in the sculptor’s studio, the sound of breaking glass,  cutting of paper, etc. These sound samples were later brought to the recording studio and subjected to a varied sound processing, resulting in a sound track to collaborate with the 3D work.
Project Assistance Award: Stroom, The Netherlands
Reviews: Circa Arts Magazine – Michael Cunningham,  Cursai Elaine RTE Arts Programme,  The Irish Times – Luke Clancy, SSI – Pauline Cummins. The Sunday Times – Medb Ruane.bone vesselsuspiro

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