Masters in Fine Art through practice 2011 – 2013

National College of Art and Design – Dublin – Ireland

“Interdisciplinary in nature, my practice employs a range of media.  My current project focuses on photography and drawing.

I have considered how in and around the man-made structure of a poly-tunnel, nature’s firsthand details are gradually revealed. We are now living in a speeded up world. We allow the accepted shortcuts of “looking” to block out using our time to really see an image.  Highlighting how the familiar becomes strange, my images ask the viewer to look with a slower and more deliberated eye at the images made apparent”.

Supervising lecturers: Anthony Hobbs, Kevin Atherton, Philip Napier, Pauline Cummins.

To view ‘Tunnel Vision’ please click  here.

13. MA 31st.10.2013

Project title: ‘Tunnel Vision’.  Completed 2013.  Art form Still Photography.  Medium Digital Photography.

Tunnel Vision image C. var. dimentions, photography, 2013, annabel konigAnnabel Konig %22Late evening%22 digital photo. 84x59cms. 2012Annabel Konig. polytunnel. digital photo. 2012Annabel Konig. Tunnel Vision image 2Tunnel Vision image K. var. dimentions, photography, 2013 annabel konigAnnabel Konig. digital photo. poly tunnel jan 23ed 13

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