Is that you or am I talking to somebody else

“The inner world does not deal in clarity or measurable-ness. Its skies are changeable and can blow from sunshine to rain in seconds. Or they can be overtaken with storm clouds, flooded with the tsunami-like emotions of anger, love, fear, unrequited love, or of grief so overwhelming that everything is transformed.

Although the outer world appears to be the most powerful and seems to set the conditions on which the inner world depends for its very existence, the inner world is the one on which our psychic survival depends. When ‘reality’ appears to collapse we revisit our deeper resources. Such is our national situation at all times, but it is painfully obvious at the moment. This is true for us all. Artists are not some strange breed who live only in communication with the interior, they have to eat, wash [well, hopefully] and shit the same as everyone else. But the nature of their occupation means that they move between the inner and the outer, they are ‘carriers of the news’ between the two worlds, and sometimes they even show us things we would not otherwise have seen”.

excerpt from Kerry Harding’s opening speech for the 9 Stones Artist’s exhibition at  the Borris House Ballroom exhibition. 2011.

here i live‘Here I live’  Acrylic and pencil on canvas    50 cms x 70 cms.







pencil drawing on photographs  21 cms x 29.7 cms.

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