‘Food – Newfoundland’ publication

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‘Food-Newfoundland’ is the first in my series of projects that examines Abraham Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Need.

Link to  ‘Food – Newfoundland 


Your books … I read the Refugee one, ‘This I can Carry’, first…probably because I am passionate about people and especially people needing support. I loved it – I loved the pictures, I loved the story, I found myself understanding the plight of refugees on a much deeper level and it will stay with me forever. Thank you!

The second read ‘Food – Newfoundland’, I enjoyed but it didn’t resonate on a deep level with me.  This is probably because I am lazy about food and packaging and even though I am constantly reminded about soil, sustainability, our destruction of the planet, food miles etc I have for some reason pushed it out there.  I am thinking this morning about why I do this – I certainly think I understand the problem but this knowledge hasn’t changed my behaviour.  Why not?  I don’t really know .. is it laziness, is it because I think that “someone” will sort out the problem as they surely can’t let it continue, do I not have sufficient information … I don’t know.  What your book did do for me was make me determined to start a compost box!

Shauna Bradley


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