The Book Project – 9 Stones Artists

09 February – 19 May 2019

9 Stones Artists members:

Michelle Byrne, Cathy Fitzgerald, Annabel Konig, Anthony Lyttle, Remco de Fouw,
Martin Lyttle, Jules Michael, Rachel Joynt, & Gwen Wilkinson.
This is a collaborative project by 9 Stones Artists and book artist Ciara Healy.

Artist Anthony Lyttle uses woodcuts as an integral part of his practice. In sharing
his specific knowledge through workshops, the group was introduced to a new
skill and visual language. The outcome, a book of hand-printed woodblock prints,
reflects on a relationship to their practice and place of work.About the Artists
9 Stones Artists, formed in 2004. Its members are professional artists living and
working in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains.
Dr. Ciara Healy is a Curator, Critical Writer, Book Artist and Lecturer in Art, Culture
& Heritage at IT Carlow.

The Book Project – 9 Stones Artists




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