Liam (b)

Grief and loss are encounters that we all experience. The feelings can be due to a lost opportunity, the passing of a pet, environmental developments, or the demise of a person.

Over the past two years, grief and loss have been an increased part societies’ world experiences.

The drawings below, are a combination of media. For some the start was a monoprint on top of which there are areas of chalk, pencil, paint and, in many cases, tears. All of the works are on paper, film trace, or photographic paper. This was a specific choice. With the covid restrictions, access to art materials were difficult and, due to the necessity of needing to make work, right then in that moment of time, it was also what I had to hand in my studio.  

‘and I am here and you are where you are’ 97H x 83 cms
‘I didn’t hear you leave’ 162H x 90 cms
‘My heart is heavy’ 115H x 117 cms.
‘see you on the other side’ 120H x 90 cms.
Triptych no 1. 42H x 59 cms.
‘Hold’ 58H x 42 cms.
‘untitled’ 58H x 42 cms.
‘The light was soft and even’. 120H x 90 cms.

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